The following shall be eligible to become Members of the Association:

3.3.1.               any body corporate representing a Clan which body corporate is involved in activities carried out within the District.

3.3.2.               any person or group of persons representing a Clan which is incorporated in New Zealand who are involved in activities     carried out within the District where the executive is satisfied that, that Clan has authorised the participation by that person or persons in the activities of the Association.         

3.3.3.                any person or group of persons interested in any Scottish Clan activity and who is/are involved within the District shall be eligible to join the Association.

3.3.4.                with the approval of the Association any other body corporate with an  interest in the purposes of the Association.

19.                   Interpretation.

                        "District" means the boundaries of the Auckland District shall be defined as those of the                   Auckland Council at any given time."