Clan Farquharson.

Persons interested in forming a Clan Society in the Name of Clan Farquharson & Septs of the name, in the Greater Auckland Area, please contact:

Robert M. Findlay at: or Telephone, 09-276-976209-276-9762

Septs of the Name:

            Barrie.                          Findlay.                        Kerracher.                      MacHardie.

           Bowman.                      Findlayson.                    Lyon.                            MacHardy.

             Christie                         Finlaison                       MacArtney.                  MacKerchar

                 Christison.                     Finlay.                          MacCaig.                      MacKerracher.

              Christy.                         Finlayson.                     MacCardney.                MacKindlay.

         Coates.                         Gracie.                         MacCartney.                 MacKinlay.

          Coats.                           Grassick.                      MacCuaig.                    MacKinley.

      Coutts.                          Greusach.                     MacEaracher.               Paterson.

  Cromar.                        Hardie.                         MacErchar.                  Reiach.

  Farquhar.                      Hardy.                          MacErracher.               Reoch.

  Ferries.                         Kellas.                          MacFarquhar.               Riach.

If your surname is one of the Sept names, then please contact Robert as above

Clan Kennedy or the House of Carrick.

Persons interested in forming a Clan Society of the Name of Clan Kennedy and Septs of the name, in the Greater Auckland area, please contact: Murdock S. McDonald at: or Telephone, 09-298-480209-298-4802 

Clan Lamont 

Ne parkas nec spernas
(Neither spare nor dispose)

Lawrence A. Lamont of Hamilton would like to hear from any
one interested in the formation a Clan Lamont Society.

Contact details are,

18 Cassidy Street,
Hamilton East.   3216.

Phone. 07-981-1137